Little gem lettuce – growing and harvesting

Along with growing my pak choi recently I grew little gem lettuce which has been blooming in my garden. I also grew it from seed. Sow the seeds about the same time as the pak choi which is around early august.


The seeds were then sown outside in early August without the use any form of heated device. I have grown it in a very windy greenhouse which has got lots of gaps. There wasn’t much room left on the raised beds or the borders at the moment so I planted them there. After sowing the seeds in sowing pots (I just just old yoghurt pots) I transfer them to a bigger plant pots containing multi purpose compost. They don’t need much care perhaps some protection from slugs and relatively disease free. Personally I don’t find little gem lettuce bolt (goes to produce flowers instead of leaves) as easily like pak choi. I can be just down to the pak choi variety that I am growing.

However as with most leafy greens they do have a life span of producing leaves. A constant sowing of little gem lettuce seeds (every 2-3 weeks) will ensure a regular supply.


Once the plant is mature (shown in the pictures here) just like harvesting pak choi pick the matured leaves as it grow in order to have a constant supply. They are make a great salad or as wrap to many dishes or sandwiches. It’s a versatile vegetable salad to grow.

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