Growing and harvesting Pak choi

It’s been awhile since I last posted any thing about home grown vegetable. The growing season is coming to an end. Not unless one does have a heated greenhouse and grow lights it is not easy to extend the growing season.

I have sow my Pak Choi seeds back around in mid to end of August and how much they have grown!!

I have grew them in pots as I have do not have anymore room on the raised beds.

They are easy they grow, they don’t tolerate too much direct sun as they will bolt (flower instead of growing more leaves) easily. They do well in between season of summer and autumn where the weather is getting cooler. After sow the seeds all it needs is some very drain compost or soil. I have grew them on well grain compost and they well rather than clay based soil that in the hedges of the garden. If it’s grown in soil or pots if they are slugs about, they will need protection from them as slugs love the pak choi leaves.

Harvest the leaves as they grow will not give a constant supply of leaves but also allows the plants produce leaves.  They are different varieties of pak choi one can find in the market green or purple to grow. The ones here are green variety. They also be grown indoors in a sunny spot.

It’s a mild tasty vegetable the young leaves are great in salads. The older ones are great on stir fry or noodles or soups. Will post recipes on them soon.

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