Spinach omelette recipe

Another one my long time strategies to make my 4 year old son to eat his greens. I have made this recipes since he was about less than 2 years old. A super quick and it uses only two ingredients.

Recipe: one cube of frozen spinach

one medium size egg

Defrost the cube of frozen spinach in microwave for one minute. Then mix in the egg another one more minute in the microwave. Done!!

He is now 4 years old and he loves making it as well as eating them. Happy days for both of us. No coaxing and nagging needed…. and it’s good for out sanity as well. As mealtimes can be as long as 2 hours if my son is not keen on what is put on his plate. I remember on of my trips to Kuala Lumpur I struggle to find frozen spinach at the supermarkets. I got some fresh local greens, sliced them blanched so to wilt them down in microwave then add the egg. It works as well.

It’s the spongy texture of the egg cooked in microwave that kids love them. Happy eating xx

The only downside about this recipe is that the bowl you use to make the omelette can be hard to clean. A dishwasher cleans well if you have one. Or just soak the bowl in water as soon as you can. As once the omelette is set in the bowl you will need to use a scourer.

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  1. Love the recipe~! I will have to try it. Trying to get my kids (and husband) to eat vegetables is ridiculous~!


    1. Kar Ling says:

      Do give it a try as it works for my son.


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